More members of the European Parliament will join us on 14 February and rise to end violence against women.

Watch these inspiring video statements by MEPs from Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia and the UK.

Mojca Kleva Kekuš MEP (Slovenia)

Barbara Lochbihler MEP (Germany, chair of the subcommittee on Human Rights)

Hannes Swoboda MEP (Austria, Chair of the S&D political group in the European Parliament)

Kartika Liotard MEP (Netherlands) – English

Kartika Liotard MEP (Netherlands) – Dutch

Jean Lambert MEP (UK, Greens)

Richard Howitt MEP (UK)

Sylvie Guillaume MEP (France)

Sylvie Guillaume MEP (France)  (French)

Elisabeth Schroedter MEP (Germany)