Today We Launched the 1BillionRising South Africa 365 Days Campaign, Protecting our Vagina Campaign and Youth Rising.

Official Photos to follow and Launch of Facebook page.

Some Highlights of the Day: Powerful stories of survivors, of the brutalization of their vaginas. Deep deep conversation about women leadership.

Questions asked were- where is our space, as leaders, decision makers in government, as advocates, the rape of existant protection policies and the right of our Vaginas to be safe.

We have to Rise Resist and Unite in solidarity against the scourge of violence even in spaces of protection.

Someone said we get what we voted for!!!! Did we vote for the genocide of our POES (Afrikaan word for Vagina)!

Activist saying we are tired of the talk. We are ready to go over to ACTION, whatever it will take. Are we prepared to Die or go to prison for what we want. Deep deep questions as we Rise.

We Questioned institutional patriarchy, legislation, documenting, planning, tears, anger, victim shame.

To the Women Leadership present at our Rising – I salute you all. To the men who came and learned today, thank you.