Eve Ensler, V-Day Board Member Thandie Newton* and One Billion Rising Global Director Monique Wilson, Artists, Musicians & Activists

To mark the 20th anniversary of The Vagina Monologues and V-Day, One Billion Rising and V-Day are calling on activists in London to Rise, Resist, and Unite for a special evening at Café De Paris on 26 September.

londonrising-2V20 London Rising will be an Artistic UpRising and celebration of the revolutionary work of V-Day and One Billion Rising activists and artists around the world. The evening will fuse music, theatre, dance, poetry, movement, and film in a creatively subversive, provocative and powerful performance art piece celebrating women, while also honoring the groundbreaking path that The Vagina Monologues set forth over two decades ago.

An evening as such is urgently needed in these times of escalating violence. From violence towards women and girls to violence geared towards workers, refugees, and displaced people, to the violence being committed towards Mother Earth, the evening will inspire activists working across all spheres to keep doing their important work.

Join EVE ENSLER, V-Day Board Member THANDIE NEWTON* and One Billion Rising Global Director MONIQUE WILSON along with an astounding line up of artists and activists from the UK, US, France, Bali, Italy and the Philippines to celebrate the pioneering achievements of the last 20 years. This Artistic UpRising also features Vocalist KARIN GODFREY, Women from the LONDON CAPOEIRA COMMUNITY, UK born Nigerian premiere singer ENO WILLIAMS – UFFORT, British multi-platform artist, singer, musician, actress, songwriter RIAH KNIGHT, International singer/actress STEPHANIE VAN DRIESEN joined by COGNATUS THEATRE – an international theatre group founded by women from 6 countries, social rebels who create work for women by women, dance group LAHING KAYUMANGGI doing the Philippine indigenous “Banga” fierce warrior women dance, THE ALPACAS – a London based multi-national pop rock band with members coming from Romania, Mexico, UK and Japan, International Circus Artists LE RENNE – doing aerial acrobatic performances in silk and hoop duo, and the MONAMAS THEATRE COMPANY – an international theatre company based in London led by Greek born actresses who do devised work that alter and defy all traditional theatrical rules. One of the featured short films of the evening will be the premiere of THE FEMININE RISE, created by OBR Bali coordinators LAYLA EL KHADRI and SERAINA DUVEEN. And igniting the dancing for the evening will be one of the world’s most in-demand and top female DJs DJ PHILLY with her trademark Hip Hop, R&B and House music. The show is conceptualized and directed by Monique Wilson.

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The evening will also feature several grand flash mobs of the One Billion Rising theme song “Break The Chain,” as well as the One Billion Rising Tilburg, Netherlands original dance/song “We Are Beautiful,” featuring over 50 international actors from the East 15 Acting School as well as West End actors, who will be joined by women refugees and women workers from Voice of Domestic Workers.

The evening is produced by New Voice Company (UK) Limited, Rossana Abueva/One Billion Rising UK Coordinator and V-Day/One Billion Rising.

The time is now, to keep building, fostering, nurturing, and inspiring real, powerful solidarity amongst all movements. And to keep creating art as forms of rebellion, disruption, celebration and hope. Art that calls on us all to Rise for love and life. Please join us! Tickets are £36.00 and can be purchased here:

*pending scheduling

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