From: Layla El Khadri (Organizer of OBR Bali/ Founder of Ritual Dance)


RITUAL DANCE COMPANY is a multicultural Art Company formed by five Soul Sisters from Spain/Morocco, USA, The Netherlands, Russia and Chile.
Artist, Dancers, Musicians, Therapist, Revolutionaries, Mothers and Healers.

They work through the Art & Dance Therapy process to go deep into personal healing as women, with the intention to transfer women’s breakthroughs into authentic Performance offerings.

“Art is our Medicine, our Prayer and an invitation for all women to rise together as One.
We create Prayerformances, Videos and Art Installations to inspire people from every walk of life.
Our goal is to awaken and ignite global change, to bring back respect for the divine feminine and shine a mirror for all women to witness their own innate brilliance.”


RITUAL DANCE was born on OBR Day (February 14, 2017)! Layla El Khadri (founder of RD) had the pleasure of connecting with Eve Ensler and Monique Wilson in Bali at the Women’s Awakening Conference last year. Inspired by the amazing work of these two women, Layla received the last puzzle piece needed to kick-start her dream and give birth to Ritual Dance. Last February 14th a group of V women danced for Women Empowerment in an event created to be part of One Billion Rising 2017 in Bali – joining the Rising movement. Their OBR event was called “DANCE, HEAL, RISE: Sacred Dance For Women Rising”. Ritual Dance brought together the Ubud community in Bali to make an offering to the rise of the divine feminine. They joined a billion people across the globe who were dancing to heal the wounds of the feminine, in support of and in solidarity with One Billion Rising. Ritual Dance guided the community into a ceremonial dance set to the music of DJ Sofree – with the focus on the willingness to free the body as part of women’s empowerment and liberation.

After that day Ritual Dance has thrived, performing at Bali Spirit Festival (International Yoga Festival Bali), and Ancient Futures (Conscious Festival, Bali).

Their dream is to keep supporting the powerful movement of OBR that inspires and ignites women all around the world.


RISE (Film)
The next Rising project of Ritual Dance is RISE – a powerful short film (5 minutes) to inspire women and to Rise, Dance and Connect through Sisterhood.

RISE tells the story of each and every woman who has ever felt disconnected, suppressed or hopeless. In this film, the Women of Ritual Dance will take you on a heart felt-visual journey from separation and disempowerment to the potent remembrance of Sisterhood and the upliftment found within.

Through powerful imagery, their aim is to inspire all women to Embody their fullest Potential, Beauty and Strength, connecting through Sisterhood and dance – to Freedom.

Watch their OBR 2017 Ritual Dance: