#MayDay Philippine Workers Rising

Published: 3 May 2017

On May 1, over 40,000 workers in Manila marched and protested to commemorate labor day and international workers day. A total of 100,000 workers rose around the country. The protests were led by KMU (Kilusang Mayo Uno) – the country’s independent labor center in the Philippines promoting militant unionism. KMU are long time organizers of One Billion Rising Philippines). The huge womens contingent in the workers march was led by Gabriela women workers – Gabriela spearheads OBR in the Philippine).
Filipino workers rose to end neo-liberal attacks on workers and communities, and rose to end imperialism which have enslaved workers to lives of escalating exploitation and increasing poverty. Workers rose to also demand higher wages, an end to contractualization and socialized housing.
Workers have been at the forefront of One Billion Rising Philippines actions and events since the start of the campaign in 2013 – rising outside factories, department stores, plantations, farms, export processing zones and offices.
Philippine workers are Rising!