The following RISING report was written by OBR activist Sudarshana Chakraborty:

It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s the day of Rising! Just as love is not for only a day, so also is Rising. It’s all about the celebration. One Billion Rising is a worldwide movement to protest against gender based violence. This year we decide to talk about & celebrate inclusion, the right to choose & celebrate one’s sexual & gender identities.

One Billion Rising encourages to stand together against every inequality, discrimination, violence. It urges to stop gender based violence in every manner. It inspires to come out with one’s own gender & sexual identity. This year it is the call for V-Day to reach & talk about the most marginalized women & gender. So definitely the transgender community comes within, the same-sex love comes within. 

Ranjita Sinha, a transgender activist and Sudarshana Chakraborty, a journalist & documentary film maker  from West Bengal, India decided to celebrate the day with the transgender community members. Dialogues, cultural activities & discussing issues which are of primary importance for this community are going to be the focus of the day. 

It was an intimate gathering, an evening of discourse, sharing of thought, listening to & understanding of deep rooted issues. It was absolute pleasure to discuss from subjects related to rights movement, to subjects related to art & culture which is so essential to address the issues socio-culturally and socio-politically. Activists, artists, corporate professional, government professional came & talked about the limitations & openings, how to mainstream. The dialogue was very engaging. Transgender community members and members of LGBTQ community came and shared views on community, society, art & life. #RiseinSolidarity #thewomanwithin #celebrationwithtransgendercommunity