European Women’s Lobby Rising

Published: 10 February 2017

This just in from the European Women’s Lobby:

[Brussels, 10 February 2017] On Tuesday 14 February, the EWL and its members from all over Europe will be rising to say no to the sexual exploitation of women and girls! The 5th edition of One Billion Rising will be an opportunity to express our demands to see a world free from sexual exploitation and prostitution, from male violence and oppression. We will rise everywhere, through different actions: dance, demonstration, events… The EWL will launch a social media action, with strong messages on home-made visuals!! A way to celebrate women’s creativity, strength solidarity and togetherness!

EWL social media messages are based on visuals created by EWL staff members during an artistic workshop held in Brussels.


View and Download them here! >

“One Billion Rising 2017 campaign Women‘s Issues Information Center joint efforts with Parliament member Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen and is organizing a flash mob dance in one of the main squares of capital Vilnius (in front of Lithuanian Government).

A well-known male dancer agreed to lead the dance. Women‘s Issues Information Center will have some material to spread.”

In Portugal, some NGO (including API and Women without borders, that are members of Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights) are organizing the “Rising Lisbon.” You can access it here (it’s a facebook page and it is in Portuguese, but I think you can easily understand it). The plan is to invite everyone to dance for the end of the exploitation of women. The event will take place at Lisbon, 14th February, by 19 o’clock.