1@1 is the equal rights organization calling for the Saturday January 21st Global Minute of Silence for Women’s Equality.  Led by Gloria Steinem, at exactly 1pm EST and the same moment in multiple time zones, women, girls and supporters all over the world are stopping everything to visualize women’s equality for one audacious minute of shared silent solidarity. Designed to bring the passion and power that created the Women’s March on Washington to those who cannot attend, the Global Minute of Silence is linking the marches around America and the world, rallies, neighborhood gatherings and women rising alone.  For women’s equality, this action promises “If together we can see it, together we can be it.”

A free 1@1 app is available at www.1at1.org as a synchronization tool.  It offers reminders, ongoing discussion, and a short program before the minute of silence:

  • The song RISE by BETTY as the signal the moment is about to begin.
  • Interfaith feminist Dr. Jacqueline Lewis setting the non-violent intention.
  • Gloria Steinem offering remarks and leading the global countdown.

When the countdown ends, the app will stop broadcasting the stream, allowing participants to fully experience the minute of silence in real life.

This small symbolic action is helping to connect, inspire and mobilize women all over the world in the fight for gender equality. This includes 2000 women on the steps of the Arkansas State Capital in Little Rock, 1500 in New Jersey, as well as women at rallies in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, California, Texas, Hawaii, Connecticut, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

To carry the flame internationally, at 9:00 PM in Iraq, Bushra will lead a group of women rising for equality in Iraq. At 11:30 PM in Bengaluru, Vasha will rise with a group of protestors who are marching across India to protest the sexual assaults on New Year’s Eve in #IWillGoOut. At 3:00 PM in Buenos Aires, 6:00 PM in London and Reykjavik, 7:00 PM in Oslo, Amsterdam and Bergen, and 8:00 PM in Israel, women are rising together for one minute. Every day more join.

After the march, the app offers the 1@1 Action Plan, a series of one-minute long videos from change makers announcing small, simple tasks to complete that will continue to advance women’s equality. We invite all to join us as we rise for women’s equality for one conscious minute as one, at one.


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