We, V-Day DRC activists, (V-Day – the global movement to end violence against women and girls), and militant defenders of human rights – are shocked as we grieve for the direct and indirect victims of the massacre of innocent civilians in Beni (deep in North-Kivu in DRC). We are concerned, enraged and saddened by deadly attacks in the region.

Thus, we herewith denounce the umpteenth massacre against innocent populations in Beni, as well as the guilty and shameful silence of the national, provincial and local leaders.

We are shocked that even after being killed, the bodies of the unfortunate people are piled up, tied, and superposed on each other and transported under inhumane, degrading conditions;

We are disheartened to see that since the beginning of the killings in this region of the DRC in 2014, no major action has been taken to prevent the tragedy and to protect the population;


We demand:

1. That the government  clearly identify the perpetrators and puppeteers of the  genocide and hold them accountable.

2. That the government of the DRC takes its responsibilities by expelling all foreign armed groups who plunder eastern DRC and massacre our  countrymen-  from the national territory .

3. That the UN Security Council order  the  MONUSCO to apply Chapter 7 of its  mandate pertaining to the action with respect to threats to the peace, breaches of the peace, and acts of aggression and to make Resolution 2098 establishing the Intervention Brigade within the UN Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) a reality.

V-Day DRC Activists have deep feelings of horror, pain and turmoil for the homicidal events that the populations have gone through in Beni.  Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to the wounded, the victims, and all aggrieved families.


Bukavu, August 16, 2016

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