As a grassroots activist movement to end violence against women and girls, we have long recognized that in order to end violence against women and girls, we must change the systems that perpetuate violence – change of mindsets, change of structures that keep violence in place. Change in consciousness, awareness and understanding of issues, change in patriarchal values and cultures, change in policies that affect women economically, socially and sexually/physically, change in revolving patterns of control, oppression and repression.

Through V-Day and One Billion Rising, we have shattered taboos and silence around sexual violence and we have risen one billion strong in the streets, demanding justice and radical systemic change to end violence against women and girls.

After the events of last week in the United States, let’s strengthen and renew our commitment to the fight for racial justice in the US, and throughout the world.

Together, let’s join in solidarity and stand with the Movement for Black Lives. Sign the pledge they have issued, guided by love and our unending commitment to work until the violence stops.

On Monday, Eve released her latest commentary piece in The Guardian entitled, “It’s Time for White People to Reckon with Racism.” In the piece, Eve calls for “a collective reckoning, a moral accounting, a radical self-appraisal and calling out, fellow white Americans. Our explicit and implicit participation in crimes against black people has gone on for too long…Feigning ignorance or a lack of complicity is no longer acceptable – we must all work together to counter endemic prejudice in America,” she writes asking us to look closely, dig deeper, and get involved.

Photograph: Taylor Nyman/AP
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