We celebrated One Billion Rising today in our education center in Kabul, Afghanistan. A large number of students with their family members participated. The number was so high that we had to seat many inside the classrooms. The lawn outside was not enough. All the girls were very enthusiastic and some came in traditional Afghani dresses. They performed the national dance of Afghanistan, i.e attan. A woman recited her poem for OBR and many girls spoke about the need of education which enables them to rise against violence and injustice in their homes and society. A small play was also performed showing violence against women in Afghanistan. Also, we have graduated the students of 2015 and have welcome new students for the year.

All the students and their families were very emotional and extended their gratitude and thanks to the donors of the center. The students and their families were very hopeful for the expansion and for the future of the center. Our center has become one of the best education centers in Kabul and is very popular in the area.

Below are some photos and videos and the translation of the recited poem.

The Poem:

Take a pen and rise with the ‘One Billion Rising’

I am tired,

My body is tired of the chains

My soul is in pain and tired

My tongue is tired of being silent

My throat is tired from my soundless cries

My eyes are tired of watching sufferings

My hands are tired of carrying centuries of burden

I am tired,

In a land tired of war


My worth, the worth of a dog,

My punishment, stoning to death

The murderers have torn me

Killed me

Burned me

But in this life of mourning,

I am standing.

Either I stay like a pond, silent and lifeless

Or turn like the waves of the sea, fierce and clamorous

Either I lie alone in a corner and turn to dust

Or take a pen and rise with the ‘One Billion Rising’


Here are the photos:
















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