PitchWise: 10th Anniversary of the Festival of Women’s Art and Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina, welcomed Eve and Rada Boric, One Billion Rising Coordinator to Sarajevo. The festival, hosted by Fondacija CURE is a “unique Festival in the Bosnian and Herzegovinian art scene promotes the feminist activist cultural scene and creates a space for the artistic feminist activist expression. PitchWise gathers socially engaged women artists, activists, theoreticians, feminists and all those concerned for the women’s issues in BiH and the region. The CURE Foundation works on connecting and networking with the feminist work and culture, and this year we celebrate our experience and continue to move the margins of the artistic – activists scene.”

On Wednesday 9 September, Eve and Rada attended the “I Am Museum” event celebrating the upcoming reopening of the National Museum. They toured the exhibits and met with local activists and visitors to discuss violence against women. On Thursday, 10 Sept Rada moderated a conversation with Eve at the Bosnian Cultural Center, where they discussed topics including The City of Joy, Eve’s book In the Body of the World, the refugee crisis, feminist solidarity, and ‪One Billion Rising Revolution 2016 with an audience of women from across former Yugoslavia.

The following photos from the “I Am Museum” event were published by Okano.ba News

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