Zimbabwe had four rising events Rising events on the 14th of February and one event for the International Women’s Day. Here is a snapshot of some of those events:

Harare, Zimbabwe

The national event was held in Chitungwiza with public performances of drumming and musical concert were held where a concert was held in commemoration of the One Billion Rising for Revolution. The event also streamlined the essential participation of essential stakeholders such as the police, judicial representatives, and community business leaders to support and strengthen the space for rising.

They were two more events across Harare in Highfields and Zengeza.

Close to 800 people attended the three events. The overall issues which were highlighted as Revolutionary themes for the rising were:

  • Change
  • Transformation
  • Rebuilding Communities for strengthening the security of women and girls
  • Revolution for Zimbabwe’s Daughters


One Billion Rising partnered with Youth Initiative for Community Empowerment Trust (YICET) to rise in Mutare Province once again. The rising was held in a rising in a rural community of Odzi where close to 200 men, women and children danced and rose in the small town of Mutare. The rising event in cooperated the use of dance, testimonials and song. By way of summarising, the testimonies clearly were an indication of women ready to move from a position of being regarded as victims of abuse to conquerors and agents of change. Most of the women alluded to the fact that they have been waiting for a revolution and were happy to be a part of the rising for 2015. Community working groups to end violence against women were set up as a way of creating watchdog spaces for women and girls It is usually difficult for women to come out on issues of abuse especially in rural communities. Thus the Odzi rising led the women to want to speak up and speak out against the injustice of being silenced in wake of abuse, they want to be seen and heard.

Artistic Uprising 

The artistic uprising was conducted in Partnership with the Book cafe. Scores of artists in different disciplines attended the event namely poets, musicians, visual artists and authors. The event was live streamed, a development which allowed a host of other people across the globe to join the rising as well. Artist delivered an overall theme of rising to a call of revolutionary action towards ending violence against women and girls. In the deliberations following the event the artist made a commitment to use their art to fight the threat of violence on women and girls.