It’s 4:30am here of March 8th in Manila. I am on my way on a two hour land drive to Angeles City to begin the day. It is the launch of One Billion Rising Revolution there, by our newly formed, year-old, Gabriela Angeles chapter. This chapter was born at last year’s One Billion Rising for Justice campaign. Angeles city used to house one of the U.S. bases years ago and the women and young girls there have been used for decades as “rest and recreation” for American soldiers. We have seen an escalation of brothels and the red light district there with the arrival of more U.S. troops again in the last few years. So today is symbolic for rising against U.S. intervention.
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This afternoon from 3pm-9pm we are holding our big Manila event, a protest/march and rally to call for Aquino’s resignation.
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Other highlights of Gabriela’s preparations leading up to today’s nationally coordinated events include a Forum & Unity Walk by Gabriela alliance groups: Center for Women’s Resources, University of the Philippines Center for Women’s Studies, and Gabriela Women’s Party.
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