Watch and hear how GABRIELA women in the Philippines are organising and preparing for One Billion Rising Revolution and why they are RISING FOR REVOLUTION.

 REVOLUTION is a demand for nothing less than a SYSTEM CHANGE – overhauling, challenging and fighting against a corrupt system and government that neglects the poor and only serves the rich, big business people and foreign corporations. Filipinos are RISING TO END VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND GIRLS – BY RISING AGAINST ALL THE SYSTEMS THAT KEEP POVERTY, DISCRIMINATION, OPPRESSION AND INEQUALITY IN PLACE. Filipinos are RISING FOR REVOLUTION – RISING AGAINST ALL FORMS OF ECONOMIC and STATE INSTIGATED VIOLENCE.
GABRIELA is the biggest national alliance of grassroots women’s groups in the Philippines – consisting of 200 mass based groups of peasant women, women farmworkers, women migrants, women domestic workers, church women, youth, children, teachers and women workers. They have been leading the ONE BILLION RISING CAMPAIGN in the PHILIPPINES for the last 3 years. Join us for Rising events in Manila and all around the Philippines on February 14, 2015! RISE FOR REVOLUTION!
Produced by Pinoy Media Center. Directed by Ilang-Ilang Quijano