I write you having just awakened from a deep sleep made possible by the airified possession that carried me through most of yesterday. The day started with a graphic violation made by the news that Asali’s husband Enoch had been assaulted and beaten up as he rode is bicycle home the evening before. She was at the hospital. He was in surgery.

We began our day there holding them in love and light and listening to Asali state the case for our cause of a world without violence in her Tedtalk.

 Mama Anoa led us in chanting and Marilyn in Qi Gong. We ate together, nurtured each other with gentle touch and words. We sang together looking for the deepest reluctance, disbelief and hopelessness to unearth it and release it to make way for intention, commitment and assured hope that we were part of making the world better, more safe and more just.

The youth and children came and they danced and sang more. They sang about their”new attitude”. We wrote letters to ourselves about who we were becoming and wanting to be. We listened to inspiring songs from wonderful women singers. All day we were present and focused on the new world coming that we were helping to create by praying, singing, dancing and bringing forth.

By our mutual intention to be bonded together in our homebase and joining our effort with the mutual intention of millions of women and men, girls and boys,around the world, we were shifting the paradigm toward justice and peace. We were “bending the moral arch of the universe toward justice”.

Over 200 countries untold cities men and women were together bringing forth a new order in their own lives and by so doing were also bringing forward a new order for us all over the planet. We had Red Tents and we wore red and pink the colors of our most inner self.

Our men came added their strength and love and admiration for us. They helped us to make the day “pretty”. They spoke poetry to us and hugged us and made us feel safe. They made sure our day went well,caught the dropped and bouncing balls. We served each other well and enjoyed the love in it! And we began to levitate our intentions manifested in the power of prayer. Enoch was sent home and Asali ‘ s children spent the rest of their scary day in our love nest healing.

Oh how we rose! Elders and children, men and women, brought their tears, hurts, joy, pain, faith and servant hearts to bear. We left some contented, some exhausted by the work of rising but all if us energized by the presence and further anticipation of love. I floated to bed and spent the night playing with the angels happy to say that I had had a wonder full Valentine’s day!

And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make. Love is what endures and prevails! Believe in love’s power to prevail. Then  hold on to that belief and wear it like a shield and share it like we do air. It will never return diminished but stronger!