We had such a touching Rising in México City. In front of 5000+ women, men, girls and boys, BREAK THE CHAIN was heard in the heart of the city just outside the Courthouse of Justice of the City.
Families of girls kidnaped for human Trafficking stood with pictures of their loved ones with the hope that someone watching the news on Tv could recognize their daughters and find them. We had around 40 media members covering the rising, among CNN, E! latín América, Univisión, Telemundo, Televisa, TV Azteca, among several others. So once again latín audiences will see that méxico does not want to live in the shadow of violence or human traficking towards women or girls.
The Major of the City, Dr Miguel Ángel Mancera, came to renew his vow of having a violence free City for women.
Manoella Torres sang BTC with such passion is no wonder she’s a mexican Idol. Talents like her do not come often.
With risings in 16 States (which is half the country) the only thing I can say is Eve was right last night in the Just Love Rising in NYC: we are on the verge of a New World. A World that does not want violence in it.
Mexican women are corageous, they are passionate, filled with love and the drive to break the chains of the past and dance into a new generation of empowered women.