Peruvian Actor, One Billion Rising Global Coordinator and V-Man extordinaire Jason Day wrote a moving letter to Eve Ensler, creator of One Billion Rising and published it with Diario La República in spanish. Below is a translation of the letter. Read the original article can be read HERE! 

Dear Eve,

I have seen your smile on the faces of women who never smile and I have heard you talk about love, frailty, care and tenderness, without fear of being considered naive, light or frivolous. Is it because you know that our true strength begins there? I read the beautiful poem you wrote about justice-about your justice. You forgave and became bigger than the brutality of which you were a victim. It cost you your soul to face impunity, but you didn’t stop: you walked, you jumped, and you flew.

I also recall the huge tumor that was found in your uterus. You said while the cancer was trying to kill you: “My cancer is arbitrary; the atrocities in the Congo are deliberate.” But you, being powerful, as if you had the strength of each and every woman of the Congo that you accompanied in their struggle to achieve justice and to be able to live complete and worthy lives, reconciled with their own bodies, put an end to the cancer. You dreamed of a billion of people worldwide dancing on February 14th to end violence and to demand justice. Now, many of us move forward together and are committed to make your dream come true.

This year, organizations and activists that have worked for decades for the rights of women joined us with an increased strength and commitment, and instead of surrendering because of the enormous obstacles faced every day, they battle with increasing openness, audacity, and great hope. And, in every corner of the country, men and women, girls and boys, are manifesting themselves from their own areas with amazing creativity and enthusiasm.

We have a common goal: that our country ceases to be violent and dangerous for a woman. We want to live in a better place, one more respectful and compassionate, just and equitable, where women and girls walk free and safe. Today, thanks to you, I am committed to stopping violence.

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