OBR India Launch
Kisan Bhawab, Ichchi
Himachal Pradesh
25 November 2023 (IDEVAW day)

(Shared by Abha Bhaiya – OBR India Coordinator)

**Launch of One Billion Rising Campaign: “Rise For Freedom”**

*25.11.23 – Kisan Bhawan, Ichchi, Himachal Pradesh*

On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Jagori Rural Charitable Trust has officially launched the One Billion Rising campaign from today. The event took place at Kisan Bhawan, Ichchi, with the participation of 122 individuals representing various villages and panchayats of Kangra block.

The campaign’s backdrop and this year’s theme, “Rise For Freedom,” were passionately elucidated. The theme resonates with the persistent intensification of violence, encompassing ongoing issues such as rape, hate, exclusion, killing, discrimination, exploitation, abuse, wars, division, occupation, and control – not only over our bodies and minds but also our resources. The context of unprecedented fascism and governments eroding freedoms added urgency to the call for collective action.

The need for this campaign was underlined, emphasizing that we cannot stop now in the face of escalating challenges. Through a powerful play, various forms of violence, including domestic violence, were vividly portrayed, fostering a deep understanding of the issues at hand.

The event featured personal accounts from community members Jogindera Devi, Kamlesh Kumari-Pradhan of Nanded panchayat, and Umar Khitab, who shared valuable insights into the importance of girls’ education, the involvement of women in politics, and the empowering role played by Jagori in their lives. Students from Ichchi school showcased their talent with a captivating dance performance depicting Mahishasur Mardini.

Jagori’s Nari Adalat was highlighted, showcasing its essential role in raising awareness and addressing issues related to violence against women.

As we embark on this year’s One Billion Rising campaign, themed “Rise For Freedom,” we invite everyone to join hands, speak out, and work towards a future free from violence and oppression.

*Together, let’s rise for freedom and create a world free from violence.*