Published: 20 January 2021

OBR Myanmar successfully launched their 2021 One Billion Rising Gardens campaign last January 14th, with special guest V (formerly known as Eve Ensler/ Founder and Artistic Director of One Billion Rising), Monique Wilson (One Billion Rising Global Director), Kamla Bhasin (One Billion Rising South Asia Regional coordinator) and young local feminist advocate Nandar. The launch was hosted and moderated by OBR Myanmar Coordinator Eunice Law, and hosted by Myanmar Institute of Theology (Gender Studies Department).

Myanmar has done spectacular Youth Rising for many years, and this year promises to be even more exciting. Their 2021 Rising plans include a dance performance competition using the OBR Anthems “Break The Chain” (by Tena Clark) and “We Are Rising” (by Taina Asili). Winners will be announced on Rising day – February 14th. Judges include Be Bee (Hip Hop dancer), Ko Falcon (choreographer), Monique Wilson (One Billion Rising), Billy Kan Myat (Thingaha Gender Organization) and Dr. Naw Eh Tar Gay (Gender Studies Center).

On February 6th they will have a “Rising for Riding” event where participants will ride bikes to an organic farm where they will plant trees.

They will also be holding a short video competition on “Rising Gardens”.

And on February 14th they will hold a Rising for Peace and Climate Change action.