(Sharing from Bai Indigenous Women’s Network – long time OBR coordinators and organisers of Indigenous Risings since 2013 in the Philippines)

OBR Indigenous Women Rising – Rising for Mother Earth
November 18, 2020
A Rising online event with speakers, including Indigenous women leaders/ human rights defenders and OBR Global Director Monique Wilson

Theme of Event:
“Rising Against Criminalization and Impunity Against Indigenous Women Human Rights Defenders”

OBR Dance was performed by Lumad women at the end of the online event.

Nanay (Mother) Betty – featured in the OBR Indigenous Women’s video below (by Innabuyog Gabriela) – long time Indigenous leader, Gabriela member, and One Billion Rising activist – was recently arrested on trumped up charges – and is currently a political prisoner, being held in jail in the Philippines.

OBR Indigenous Women’s video by Innabuyog Gabriela (Alliance of Indigenous Women’s Organisations in the Cordillera):