Youth Rising in the Netherlands!

Published: 31 January 2019

In January 2019, Foundation Global Exploration held a One Billion Rising flash mob dancing to the OBR Netherlands original song “We Are Beautiful” – created and originated by the Fonty’s Dance Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands.

Foundation Global Exploration have been holding Risings for several years.

Foundation Global Exploration (SGE) aims to enable Dutch young people to discover the world, especially developing countries, and in this way bring about a change in behavior among the young people. In this way, SGE organizes projects in developing countries for education. SGE is therefore responsible for the organizational part of the joint project between schools. The foundation has no profit motive. Xplore is a project organized and executed by the Global Exploration Foundation, in collaboration with some 20 secondary schools, which enter into a long-term partnership. Their motto is: “Together one World!”