Following is an update from a grassroots activist at Promoting Women Capabilities by Education in Afghanistan about their revolutionary educational center. LEARN more about the center’s program, READ about their Rise for Revolution event:

Thanks to your support and financial help another six months of the curriculum has come to an end in our educational centre in Kabul, Afghanistan. We have successfully taught our english, computer, science and literacy courses. We also regularly held our seminars on different critical issues.The latest seminar of this week was about forced marriage and child marriage. The area where our centre is located suffers from this problem, i.e. forced and child marriage, and the girls are constantly complaining about it.

The students are studying with great passion and interest and every day taking huge leaps forward on learning. Despite the worsening security situation, the centre is a hope for Afghan girls. We witness this truth every single day.

Once again heartfelt thanks from all the girls who are benefiting directly from V-Day’s meaningful and practical support.

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