Photos of the crowds outside the port entrance to Nusa Kambangan island tonight where the suspension was announced. (Provided by Monique Wilson, Global Director of One Billion Rising)

Filipina migrant worker Mary Jane Veloso’s execution, tonight in Cilacap Indonesia, was temporarily suspended “to respect the legal proceedings in the Philippines.” Mary Jane’s illegal recruiter gave herself up to Philippine authorities on Tuesday afternoon.

Philippine and international groups all over the world joined the “Save The Life of Mary Jane” campaign, expressing that it was unjust to give Mary Jane the death penalty by firing squade, for the crime of smuggling drugs into Indonesia for which she was deceived into doing after she had been victim of human trafficking. Mary Jane, from a poor peasant family in the Philippines had first gone to the Middle East as a domestic worker, seeking a better future for her children, but left when her employer attempted to rape her. She then feel prey to an illegal recruiter who promised her a false job in Malaysia.

Joms Salvador, Secretary General of The Gabriela Womens Alliance in the Philippines (One Billion Rising Philippine organisers) had a message for Mary Jane as the Philippines was holding a three day candle vigil and staging nation-wide protests before the executions were about to take place:

“Dear Mary Jane, from our land where our poor people are consigned to a life of injustice, we are holding our ground. No real respite, only rage, of the seething, shattering kind.”

The Filipinos hold their President Aquino responsible for the neglect towards and abandonment of Mary Jane throughout the five years of her ordeal, displaying no political will or concern to ensure she had a fair and just trial. The countries’ neo liberal policies that are pushing Filipinos deeper into poverty, force people like Mary Jane to seek better opportunities abroad where migrants often are exploited through unfair labor practices and prey to other forms of abuse.

“The people’s solidarity, the unity and strength of the people’s movements both in and outside of the country, and strong international solidarity saved the life of Mary Jane”, says Joms.



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