Published: 17 February 2015

Why I Dance is a pole dance film about women who come together to reclaim their bodies and themselves. In celebration of all women everywhere. It was created in honor of One Billion Rising: Revolution.

Why I Dance from Why I Dance Film on Vimeo.

Participants at the One Billion Rising: Revolution WHY I DANCE release event in Los Angeles were asked the following questions How do you RISE? Why do you DANCE? Here’s how they responded

How do you Rise?  

like the sunshine and a swell of love

by taking one step after the other

dance! dance! dance!
with my brothers and sisters. semper fidelis.
surround myself with love
by loving my mother and sister – lil bro
with love, compassion, and forgiveness
being witness to the beauty within and without
with clarity
with a flex of a wrist and a knowing stare
With breath, with fire, with love, with a passion to live
allow myself to experience ANY EMOTION
on the shoulders of the super-women in my life
by not being afraid to be myself
with clear eyes and full heart – can’t lose
with a smile, pride, and love
by not being afraid of the unknown! (or trying :))
by sharing my truth with those who celebrate me
breaking with the past
health, new beginnings, friendships, and dance
by speaking my truth!
optimistic, hopeful, and with love
redefine my limits
after 3-4 times hitting the snooze
by realizing “no” means nothing, and doing anyways
I woke up like this.
by embracing and welcoming my passion, no matter what form it takes
by loving MYSELF
with a huge smile 🙂
holding my light steady
by being unapologetically me!! Beautiful, confident, bold, and successful
with beautiful WOMEN surrounding ME
playing drums
with <3
by laughing out loud, all day every day
by surrounding myself with those who cherish and love me
with the support of my sister
with a warm embrace and an open heart
I rise so others can follow
by shimmying my shoulders like there’s no tomorrow
by riding the waves of good vibes, love, and serenity
with empathy
by giving without expecting
with humor and kindness
with confidence
with an open heart!
empower young minds
bask in the glory of God
love yourself forever and always
by telling other women I love them and meaning it.
giving myself permission to say NO when I don’t feel it
with inspiring words and warm heart
through my family, friends, and loved ones.
Why do you dance? 
because it feels damn sexy to unleash my inner mother fuckin’ strippah
because my girlfriend lets me watch… at home. 🙂
because every woman is beautiful and needs to feel it.
because it makes me strong, inside and out
because I have 2 legs
because FEMINISM
because I’d get arrested if I did in public what I do in my private dance
because every flower deserves rain.
because it’s my life force. It’s my soul.
because I have to
because no one judges me
because I know I can
because I must love myself first
because I’ve found my freedom
because I believe in my sex and I PRAY to mySELF!
cause my body’s too bootylicious
because it heals my soul
to be free
to change the world
to be unapologetically free
because it gives me more freedom and permission than I’ve ever experienced
to release my inner tigress
because my body has SO MUCH to say and it’s BEAUTIFUL
because I like power.
because I feel the rhythm touch my SOUL.
because standing still is no fun!
for uninhibited freedom
to clear my mind!
to embrace my soul
because I said so.
I’m sexy because I know it.
because I can make a difference
because not dancing is not an option
because I must SHAKE IT OFF
to let my body speak
because all praise the wild body
because it is my FREEDOM
because I feel GROOVY
because it makes me feel alive!
because fuck a man’s world
to get down and dirty, hot and sweaty, feel the music, let my soul release
because i want to look as hot as RIMA
because it scares me and it frees me
to stop apologizing and fight the fear
because my woman is an S-Woman
because the rhythm of the music can’t contain me
Because I <3 myself
because down with the patriarchy
because there are ghosts everywhere and I wanna touch ’em all
cause it makes me feel HOT
because it feeds my soul like nothing else
To move and feel free
because it’s how i move through life. It’s how I connect to people and to myself
to de-stress and celebrate my femininity in a man’s world
to make light in darkness
to be free and uncontrolled