Sharing the latest pictures of our first morning Rising since our two big events. We had women and men from the grassroots communities come together in recognition of a togetherness of our WOMEN OF GUYANA. Somehow barriers were dropped and there were no color, no religion, no race, no discrimination or gender as everyone embraced the energy that we allowed to come forward this early Monday morning, October 6th, 2014. The down pour of rain could not stop us from continuing in sharing, dancing and singing even when language might have seemed as the only barrier for the Amerindian women from the indigenous communities. My heart was breaking as I never realized their pain and suffering when they shared about their disconnect with the rest of Guyana. Monday marked the first day that I saw a nation of people come together as one in unity at a time we so desperately needed. Stories were told of women being raped and how the Justice system failed them. Talks of Trauma and Abuse and the need for healing within our bodies began with a discussion on women’s health care. This was when I found out that the resources for health care was limited. Only a small handful of women were seen by a Gynecologist. Stories were told of young women having unprotected sex whether it was consented or not this was not clear from the hinterland communities. Teen pregnancies seem to be common and the need for education for these communities were lacking. For some as I looked across the room I can see the permanent scars (physical scars) for women who were physically broken by the act of domestic violence and the need to have had the proper health care put in place at the time of their attacks by persons closest to them and to provide them with the ability to allow some level of normalcy to return to their lives. Commitments were made and nothing ever happened and no follow ups were done. The healing began with this group and the journey began for many as they embraced the love shared by each other and will continue with more sessions as many shared they did not have a place to tell their stories whether it was in their communities, in their homes or with a support system from families or those who needed to listen.

Photo Montage created By Debra Sutherland

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