On the 15th of November 2014, we visited a girls club at Emhlangeni with Swaziland Women in Action members, a women’s movement that was formed in October 2013. The members Gugu Malindzisa and Nomsa Motsa with the Swaziland OBR Coordinator Colani Hlatjwako visited the girls club. The purpose was to sensitize them on their rights. From the discussions they were made aware that a right is earned, it comes with responsibilities. They were also sensitized on abstinence. Swaziland is one of the countries that is leading in HIV and AIDS infection rate, and the infection rate is high amongst the youth.

After the discussions the girls rehearsed their OBR dance and songs which will be played in the flash mobs. There will be more clubs that will be visited this week. This includes clubs which are in Manzini, Hhohho and Lubombo regions.

Swazi Youth 2

Swazi Youth 1

Swazi Youth 3

Swazi Youth 4

Swazi Youth 6