SEPTEMBER 28 & 29th

Eve Ensler traveled to Guyana, upon the invitation of OBR Caribbean, as part of her recent One Billion Rising tour to be part of the launch of OBR Guyana: “Guyana’s Revolutionary Transformation: Ignite the Fire Within”. The two day visit began with the panel discussion on the theme: “State of Female Justice in Guyana: Social Justice with Love”. The panel took on a holistic approach as voices were raised. A discussion with a live studio audience with many community women began to look at safeguarding the security of women in Guyana and dialogues were discussed in finding solutions. On the second day a cultural event was hosted by OBR Caribbean called “Let The Women Speak” – featuring artistic performances by Eve Ensler and by amazing local Guyana artists – with grassroots women’s groups and community women in attendance. Despite electricity going off during the event, Eve performed to a highly energised audience, with OBR Caribbean coordinator Dianne Madray doing a call for Revolution at the end of the evening.

“Eve’s visit and presence in Guyana inspired change – it was totally revolutionary”

 –  Kwasi Cox (Guyana youth)

Eve Preforming Guyana

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Message from Dianne Madray (OBR Caribbean Regional coordinator):

“Eve’s visit to Guyana ignited the fires within our women for transformation, specially within me.  Change is beginning…..many were moved by stories told or seen in the daily newspapers or on the television, and these programs created an avenue in the hearts of Guyana to beat again for the loss of our mothers, daughters, sisters. One Billion Rising has brought clarity and hope to my place of birth, and as Regional Coordinator for the Caribbean – I am renewing my personal commitment to stand with the women of Guyana to ensure that their voices get heard across the globe, and that we are able to connect with our other Caribbean sisters regionally and walk alongside our sisters internationally. Together we are saying again, in and with full force: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I cannot bear to see another woman get killed, or disappear to feel so broken due to some form of violence – and we do nothing. Eve’s presence and our involvement in OBR sparked courage, and my voice has grown stronger, louder and has gone beyond myself. The women of Guyana are speaking – and our voice WILL grow stronger.

One love across the Caribbean – Dianne

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The local press, Stabroek News, had the following to say about the evening and the ongoing One Billion Rising campaign in Guyana.

Stabroek News Eve Ensler 2Stabroek Eve Ensler pt1 Stabroek Eve Ensler pt2