Samukelisiwe Khumalo, a fierce V-Girl from Soweto, South Africa who has, on her own, curated Samu’s Sunday Summits, where she invites the girls in her neighborhood to meet once a month and talk about issues that face them – in their families, at school, amongst their friends. When she recently asked summit participants ‘What does Justice mean to you?’ she received the following perspectives:

“Justice” for me means free health, and free schooling. It is a legal system that works for all of us, a corrective measures being implemented where it’s due and fairness in the treatment of other people. -Samukelisiwe Khumalo

Justice is a way of shouting, a way of letting your voice be heard. It is used to justify our wrong doing. -Sanele Dhlamini

Justice means treating each other fairly. It is when people’s rights are not violated or provoked a broad act of disciple and equal opportunities. Justice is when people realise that men and women are all equal and should not be limited because of their sexuality or gender. It’s when crime against anyone whether young, old, tall or short is all seen the same. Justice is when people stand up out for what is wrong, when everyone strives for what is right….. -Simphiwe Dhlamini

It’s about the law or anything that is published by court. -Silibaziso Msimango

Justice means freedom, and equality. Meaning everybody should be treated equally and we must not criticise others with their appearance. For instance in the whole country human are raped in every minute or seconds. So everywhere you go, you must walk freely and with no fear. Let’s bring Justice and make our country a better place. -Xolisile Ndlovu

Justice is a way in which people are treated among the society in the manner that is efficient and equitable. Justice is the power of having to say NO in the respected manner, it aims to protect and fight against abuse not just for women but for all within the society as the whole. Justice is fair and reasonable in a way that gives equal rights and treatment to everyone. It gives power to be strong, brave and believe in what you have as a person. – Thenjiwe Makhubo

It’s the administration of law that determines what is right, based on principles of equality and correctness. The equality of being fair and treated the same. Justice is about treating each other equal, fair and being discipline. If our country doesn’t have justice it means there won’t be good communication, love, peace or equality. With Justice in our country, we can make our country a better place. So let us have Justice…Inkululeko! -Nothando Khumalo

The four implementation of legal action against the accused and in favour of the victim. It’s a fair decision action taken to address something done wrong or unfairly.       -Lerato Radebe

It is a concept of common rights based on ethics. It’s takes into account the inalienable rights of all human beings and citizens, the rights of all people and individuals to equal protection before the law of civil rights, without discrimination on the basis of colour rage or other characteristics. -Sibongile Ndlela

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