Despite adverse weather condition in New York today nearly 45 youth from throughout the city turned out today to participate in this special pre-rising event. All five boroughs were represented: Teen PACT, NYU, and Marymount College in Manhattan; John Adams HS, Long Island City HS, and Bryant HS in Queens; Truman HS in the Bronx; Brooklyn International HS; and Curtis HS in Staten Island were just some of the groups that were there.
To see many more photos from today’s event please visit V-Girls flickr page HERE.
Here is a short list of some of the projects that were accomplished:
  •  Long Island City HS Began creating ribbons with facts on Violence against Women. They have 3000 students at their school so they have a goal of making 1000 ribbons to represent the 1 in 3 fact.
  • John Adams HS had a bead making station as part of the Water Challenge since access to water was a justice issue they wanted to focus on. There was a knitting station where youth from various schools were making scarves and hats to donate to local domestic violence shelters.
  • Posters were made for each of the sites represented to take back to their schools
  • T-Shirts were made by all groups involved.
  • Butterfly masks, an idea initiated by Long Island City HS, were made. Participants said that they want to wear masks to show how they choose to show themselves to the world.
  • There was an Action Station for youth to develop petitions on justice issues they wanted to address at their schools. They began to develop one on equal pay and another on human trafficking.
  • They are all going to start the One Billion Rising Instagram challenge.