There is movement happening on the remote island of Koh Phangan in Thailand! A group of women who are there studying yoga, meditation, belly dance, tantra and women’s spirituality are gathering momentum to RISE on the beach famous by the Full Moon Party.

V-Activist are will join them in the afternoon before the party kicks off to dance the V-Day Dance. They will also be combining it with a meditation ritual of forgiveness and unconditional love prior to V-Day. They are coming from the point of view of Liberating Love and of course ahimsa, non-violence. As local one local activist put it “From the understanding that we ALL at heart want the same thing LOVE. But we especially want to move beyond blame and into forgiveness and healing.”
They will be recording footage of their dance in the unique setting! Amazingly, V-Day, Feb 14,  is full moon, when some 7000 tourists come to Phangan for this party event.