RISE for the Bodies of All Women, Girls & the Earth
International Women’s Day Through Earth Day

One Billion Rising events are taking place and will continue through 22 April, Earth Day with the 2022 theme: RISE for the Bodies of All Women, Girls & the Earth. Creative resistance events take various forms from flash mobs to documentary films, candlelight vigils to trainings with men, night walks to pride marches and more.

We call on the world to hold Artistic Risings for the bodies of all women and for the ‘ultimate body’ – our earth. Using the body as your call. Using the body as your resistance. We call on the world to use Art. Dance. Theater. Film. Visual Art. Photography. Sculpture. Painting. Sports. Performance. And more.

To reclaim
To express
To defy
To disrupt
To unite
To radicalize
To awaken
To revolutionize


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Rise Up for Abortion Rights on International Women’s Day

Join V (formerly Eve Ensler) and fellow featured speakers at the International Women’s Day – Abortion On Demand & Without Apology event and RISE For Reproductive Rights. “The Supreme Court is on track to gut or overturn women’s fundamental right to abortion by late spring. Already Texas is under a near total abortion ban. The violent subjugation of half of society must not be accommodated, excused, downplayed, or surrendered to. Our only way forward is to resist! Let us Rise together this International Women’s Day.” – RiseUp4AbortionRights.org

DATE/TIME: 8 March, 3pm ET
WHERE: Union Square, NYC
For info, visit RiseUp4AbortionRights.org

College & High School Students, Tell Us, How Would You Dismantle Patriarchy? Enter TODAY

A contest for college students around the world and US-based high school students – is open for submissions. Tell Us. How would you Dismantle Patriarchy? Address how patriarchy impacts your life, your community, the world. How might we dismantle – take apart, break into pieces, deconstruct – patriarchy? What would it take? Submissions can be in the form of essay, poetry, music, art, photography, film, etc. The contest is open to college students around the world and US-based high school students. Ten winners in the high school category and ten winners in the college category will each receive a $1,000 (USD) prize. The deadline for Submissions: 7 April.

Please share with college (worldwide) and high school (US-based) students you know, as well as post on your social media accounts! For more info, visit: vday.link/DismantlePatriarchy