Published: 7 December 2020

By: Nyasha Sengayi (OBR Zimbabwe Coordinator)

The call for 2021 Rising plays bare the need to address different forms of marginalisation in terms of equal opportunities for sustenance for women. Covid-19 pandemic gravely affected the marginalised populations with women bearing the brunt of affected livelihoods. In 2021, Zimbabwean rising is looking for the widening of livelihood options for women and girls. In wake of this OBR Zimbabwe had a Covid-19 friendly launch on the 4th of December which brought together women leading in sustaining themselves in ways which do not affect the environment. They showed exhibitions of things they sell and shared business trip. This was followed by a planning session for the Musha Werufaro maize and sorghum project which will be the demonstration rising garden for Zimbabwe. The garden will have 3 hectare maize and 3 hectare white sorghum which will commence next week.