International Workers Day
Virtual Action
Friday, 1 May 2020

Join GABRIELA USA and ONE BILLION RISING for a Virtual Action on 1 May for International Workers Day! Join us as we dance in solidarity for ALL WORKERS!

Since the outbreak of the COVD-19 pandemic, governments in the U.S. and the Philippines have failed to respond to the peoples’ needs and instead have pushed neoliberal measures and militarism.  As of April 27, more than 1 million people have tested positive for the virus in the U.S. and 57,000 people have died. In the Philippines more than 7,777 people have tested positive for the virus and 511 people have died. More than 26 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits over the past five weeks. Workers deemed as “essential workers” are often underpaid and undervalued, an unseen labor force that keeps the country running and takes care of those most in need, whether or not there is a pandemic. We are seeing the uprising of workers across the U.S. who are protesting because of the lack of personal protective equipment, dangerous working conditions, and low wages.

Healthcare workers who include nurses, nursing assistants, respiratory therapists, physicians, environmental services staff, among others, are critical members of health teams who put their wellness on the line as well as the health of their loved ones. The exploitative and unsafe working conditions and the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic are the result of inadequate and delayed government action, decades of divestment from public health and other social services, and the prioritization of profit over people. As long as big capitalists are protected while workers across industries are made to struggle from paycheck to paycheck, our communities are not safe.

Join GABRIELA USA  and One Billion Rising as we RISE up on international Workers Day and show our SOLIDARITY to all workers, including healthcare workers, cruise ship workers, overseas workers, restaurant workers, agricultural workers, domestic workers, and other workers who are calling for safer working conditions, livelihood, healthcare, and affordable housing. We call for the prioritization of people over profit. We RISE, RESIST, and UNITE for PUBLIC HEALTH NOT PRIVATE PROFIT! 

Join our May Day Virtual Action by:

  1. Registering TODAY here: 
  2. Watch and practice the OBR 2020 dance here :
  3. Create a sign or poster to let us know why you are RISING with us. Examples below 
    1. I RISE for Public Health Not Private Profit
    2. I RISE for Health Care Not Militarization
    3. I RISE for Justice for Cruise ship Workers
    4. I RISE for Protection for All Health care workers! PPE Now!
  1. On May Day, May 1st at 5:30PM PST// 7:30PM MDT// 8:30PM EST we will have our virtual action!
    1. Participants will log on.
    2. We will welcome everyone and commemorate International Workers Day and highlight specific workers issues under the current crisis
    3. Then, each person will hold up their sign on their screen to share why they are RISING
    4. Then we will have 1 round of dance instruction
    5. And then we will do the One Billion Rising Dance together at about 5:50PM PST//7:50PM MDT//8:50PM EST.


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Optional: #ProtectNurses #PPENow #RiseInSolidarity #ProtectFarmers etc.