One Billion Rising Coordinator for Jamaica, AFIA WALKING TREE, was born and raised in Jamaica. Afia blends her love for earth and drum into sustainable life-art practices. She has a Masters in Education and her work is dedicated to authentic edutainment performances, lectures, coaching, and permaculture garden and landscape designs. She utilizes her passion for drum medicine to create artistic forums for dismantling gender, racial, and intersectional violence.  Afia is an adjunct professor at California Institute for Integral Studies and Artist in Residence at African American Policy Forum. 

We are hearing from activists worldwide as our movement meets this moment. We will be posting their stories frequently, as we draw inspiration, ideas, hope and love from one another.

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Greetings Everyone

Love is such an act of power and I send it forward hundredfold to each of you!  Blessings and power to us even as we move through these global atrocities. I’m sending energetic support to all who need spirits and bodies lifted out of pain right now. 

I’ve been sitting on some keen transmission that came from my oracle-guides this past week and would like to share it with all of you.  I feel vulnerable sharing and will share because it’s time for me to come out of the closet and share the messages coming forward. It may resonate for some and then it may not for others.  It’s not a fix-all… simply a message from the spirit realm.  

The spiritual and emotional implications of this time has been known and coming for a long time by many shamanas. What keeps coming forward is that this is the time for deep prayers (to set our intentions towards actions) to move forward and for us to see the world we are cultivating. This is emboldened by everyone having time to exhale and rethink their actions. See exactly what is required to have full liberation on this planet and rise up until the violence stops. 

It’s a time to realign with our corona (crown in Spanish) and to hone and heal our center of input.  The crown is where all of the cosmic energy we output comes into our bodies and is redistributed.What spirit is showing is that we are inside of an opportunity of cleansing, clearing, illumination, and communion, even though we are being asked to distance ourselves from others and assume a desperation mode of operations. I’m not saying things are not real.  It is dire for many! And still we are being asked to see into the depths for ways into solidarity we have not yet accessed, that is more ethereal, intuitive, nature-based, and spiritual. 

Even as those we love, especially elders, our first responders, and our women and girls continue to be targets at this time, we carry within us the intuitive powers to attune and align psychically towards our goal for liberation, solidarity, and resources for the most vulnerable. We are asked to use our 4th and 5th dimensional lens to see ahead and to seed the next layers of transformation. 

All this to encourage us to keep seeing forward beyond the mainstream panic (which I’m sure many of us are seeing through). I’ve been remembering some of our ancient tools such as burning sage and frankincense and other resources  like sea waters, salt, almond leaves, apple leaves (here in Jamaica) and encourage us to think about the local antivirus and immune boosting plants and natural resources in our homelands that most are not reaching for. Mama Nature is our best resource.   

All of you are in my heart and I am encircling you with our powerful mission.  So grateful for how one billion rising aligns us especially now. I’ve been using it as a mantra in my practices daily to connect and continue rising.

The media is truly giving us lots of fake news and in places like Jamaica there is no way to tell how many are really affected1 because only those with resources have access to test kits.  

Sa Chet Kutiwa Afia

1 “Jamaican Covid-19 Cases Climb” (Jamaica Star, 25 March 2020)