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V-Day wishes all a Happy Mother’s Day, as we reflect upon and honor the women who have given us life – whether that be through birth, chosen family, or adoption – we express our deepest gratitude and celebrate these mothers today and every day.


Calling in Men to RISE for Mothers;
Share Your Tribute to a Woman Who Has Shaped Your Life

This year, in celebration of Mother’s Day, V-Day is calling on men around the world to film & share their own “Like a Woman” tribute videos with the hashtag #LikeAWoman, honoring their mothers, friends, and loved ones – women who have shaped their lives for the better.

These video tributes will reflect men’s appreciation for the women in their lives while also considering what it means to live as a man in our world where one in three women are directly affected by violence. Share the video widely on social media.
VISIT like-a-woman.org and use the hashtags #LikeAWoman #MothersDay2019 #1BillionRising

Singer/songwriter Ryan Amador wrote ‘Like a Woman’ to proclaim, from a man’s voice, his devotion to womankind. The song is a call to men to actively celebrate women and stand up against those who restrict women’s rights and/or perpetuate patriarchal abuse around the world.


Send a Mother’s Day e-Card & Support the Movement to End Violence Against All Women and Girls

RISE for the mothers in your life. You can celebrate Mother’s Day by supporting the movement working to end violence against women and girls (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender based violence).

Make a donation to V-Day & One Billion Rising on behalf of your mother, friends, and loved ones, and V-Day will send the specially designed Mother’s Day V-Card of your choice, letting them know of your unique gift in their honor. Donations support the work of V-DayOne Billion Rising and City of Joy.

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