Men Rising in Cameroon

Published: 9 February 2019

Violence against women and girls is rooted in gender-based discrimination, social norms and gender stereotypes that perpetuate this violence. Given the devastating effects of violence on women, efforts have focused on interventions and services for survivors. However, the best way to end violence against women and girls is to prevent it from happening by addressing its root and structural causes.

Prevention should begin early in life by educating and working with young boys and girls, promoting respectful relations and gender equality. Working with young people is the “best choice” for rapid and sustained progress in the prevention and eradication of gender-based violence. While public policies and interventions often neglect this phase of life, the time is critical for forging gender values and standards.

Working with men and boys contributes to accelerating progress in preventing and combating violence against women and girls. They can begin to question the deeply rooted inequalities and social norms that perpetuate the control and power of men on women and strengthen tolerance for violence against women and girls.

Community awareness and mobilization, including through the media and social networks, is another important element of an effective prevention strategy. #Obr237