Aoisora, a non-profit organization from Japan, together with Toshima International City of Arts and Culture, launched the 2017 One Billion Rising campaign by dancing the song “Break the Chain” on February 14th. It is the fourth year for Aoisora has host the campaign.

Before the official OBR campaign, on January 31st, Aoisora conducted a seminar about dating violence and a dance practice. Toshima’s district newspaper and SNS also reported the seminar information. In addition, Aoisora gathered citizens who had first time participated in 2013 dancing. Aoisora performed two times at noon and 12:50 PM on February 14th.

With a remixed song and word rearrangement dancing, the vocabulary “VIOLENCE” turned into “NICE LOVE”.

During the campaign, Aoisora distributed lyrics of “Break the Chain”, dating violence consultation card and chocolate to the participants and audiences. The campaign aimed to raise public attention to the violence against women.

The mascots of Toshima “Toshimananamaru” and “Somehukuchan” also joined the campaign. Toshima city is recognized by WHO as Safe Community, since then prevention dating violence and violence against women has been its significant public policy.

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