On December 15, 2013, domestic workers at Simunye in the Lubombo region of Swaziland took to the streets to dance for justice. They were mobilized by One Billion Rising for Justice Coordinator, Colani Hlatshwako and her colleague Gugu Malindzisa. Their song whose words are:

How can I be quiet when I am abused?

I will never be quiet when I am abused.

We are the women that have never been seen.

Colani states that indeed there is change happening in Swaziland as has never been seen before. This she says is demonstrated by the courage that these women have shown by speaking out. In her own words:

“We were asked a hundred questions why we want a march. We had initially asked for security from the police. To our surprise on the day of the event they said the head office did not give them a directive…..when entering near buy shops just to by water private detectives were following us. We felt so special I tell u, the station commander was following me and the other colleague all over the shop. Ha!..we got coverage from TV. It was amazing!