On Tuesday, Feb 14th members of Gabriela SF invite you to join us in the One Billion Rising global day of action to end violence against women and girls. The event will focus on organizing to RISE against Fascism to protect women, trans and gender non-conforming people, RESIST the militarization of our lands, communities, & bodies, & to UNITE for liberation, our livelihood, and our basic human rights.

Since the election of Trump as President, we have witnessed an escalation of racism, hate, islamaphobia, and xenophobia. The incoming Trump administration will implement neoliberal policies that threaten the lives of immigrants, Muslims, Black people, low-income families, LGBTQ folks, women and children. From the U.S. to the Philippines to Palestine and throughout the globe, we are witnessing the ever-worsening crisis of a global imperialist system.

Join us with a powerful panel of women of color speakers and cultural resistance as we RISE in solidarity against Violence against Women (VAW).

Let us RISE to Protect Women, Trans and Gender non-conforming people, and our children!
Let us RESIST Economic Exploitation of our Women!
Let us UNITE for our Livelihood and Basic Rights!

Light refreshments will be provided.

Janetta Johnson, TGI Justice Project
Cat Brooks, Anti-Police Terror Project
Bernadette Herrera, Migrante NorCal

*Migrante NorCal

#FilipinosAgainstTrump #1BillionRising #RiseResistUnite #BeGABRIELA 

**Each Tuesday allied organizations with Bay Resistance are holding demonstrations focusing on different themes under attack by the Trump administration. Gabriela SF is part of the network of organizations working together on Resist Trump Tuesdays. This event is part of RESIST Trump Tuesday.