Militarization of communities has led to forcible evacuations of Lumads. Their livelihood has been disrupted. Community infrastructure like schools, clinics, collective farms have been destroyed. And anywhere where military are deployed, not only is it the harassment of the communities that escalates – but also specifically violence against women and girls.

Using the classic divide-and-rule approach, the Armed Forces of the Philippines has organized, armed, and trained indigenous paramilitaries to fight against their kin. Today over 40,000 Lumads have been forcibly displaced from ancestral domains due to militarization. And the military is deployed in this region to secure the interests of hundreds of mining concessions, that are plundering the country for gold, copper, nickel and  chromite – with the full backing and authority of the Philippine government. This film highlights the voices of the over 1,000 Manobos and Matigsalogs who are staying in an evacuation center at UCCP Haran in Davao City who are leading the Indigenous Peoples Rising in the Philippines.