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Thursday, October 01, 2015

In preparation for the 2016 Rising Revolution, the “One Billion Rising Revolution 2016” will be launched on the 5th October 2015 at GAMCOTRAP’s headquarters in Kanifing as part of the global launching throughout the world.The theme for 2016 is Listen! Act! Rise for Justice!We urged all to listen deeply to hear the call of women and girls, to make a revolution to end violence against women.

Violence against women and girls no matter where it comes from and who instigates it, is crime against humanity and it is a duty for state and its people to take responsibility to end all forms of gender based violence.

We can all rise for others and for ourselves by taking leadership in our different walks of life. as the founder of the One Billion Rising movement, Eve Ensler says,“Sometimes in the Feminism Movement, we separate into silos and this is a way of supporting each other’s issues and weaving a tapestry which eventually will lead to system change.”

For the protection of Women’s Rights and Human dignity, GAMCOTRAP and the One Billion Rising Revolution for justice to end gender based violence are rising to join the rest of the world to ENLARGE, TO DEEPEN, TO EXPAND and TO REVOLUTIONISE.One Billion Rising is a global movement, founded by Eve Ensler, to end rape and other forms of sexual violence against women.

It was inspired by revealing UN statistic in 2012 which showed that one in three women will be raped or beaten in her lifetime, that equates to One Billion women of the world’s population thus the V-Day initiative of theOneBillion Rising Movement. One Billion Rising Revolution is a call for change.Major changes are still needed particularly in ways of thinking and consciousness about violence against women issues. “REVOLUTION” is the most major thing we need, and it allows creative and artistic expressions, multi-sectoral involvement and more importantly- provides a unique space to engage people from all walks of life. It allows the use of imagination, art and political actions, allows everyone the freedom to localize all their campaigns and struggles to end violence against women.

Since 2012, the One Billion Rising campaign culminated in the biggest mass global action to end violence against women ever, with tens of thousands of events in160 countries had signed up to take part in the campaign. Around 5,000 organizations have joined the campaign.The One Billion Rising movement has enlarged in 200 countries in 2015 including the West African countries of Mali, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Senegal and the Gambia etc.

The One Billion Rising brings in activists from all walks of life, including artists, journalists, communities, grassroots activists, politicians and human rights activists to amplify the voices of the unheard and vulnerable.

They rise to see that justice is the guiding principle in the daily affairs of our people and change the perceptions, attitude and practices that promote and perpetuate violence against women and girls.

In the Gambia, the One Billion Rising has its roots in the global movements with historic events celebrated in both rural and urban communities, targeting young people and adult men and women.

It could be recalled that the celebrations were held in Kanifing and Soma in 2013, Kanifing in 2014, and the latest was held in Noo kunda in the North Bank Region in 2015.

Local artists extending from traditional Communicators to rap groups have been part of the celebrations over the years and it is expected that many more will join the rising for justice revolution.

The launching in the Gambia is led by GAMCOTRAP and will include a press briefing, viewing of documentaries of how women and men are rising to Say No to Violence.

Therefore we ask you to join us RISE! SING! DANCE! Wherever you may be and join the revolution to end Violence Against Women; together as men and women we can rise for change and equality for others.

We all have the space to rise in our bodies, our homes, offices, in the media, in our statements and actions. We need a better future for our children, for posterity to judge us positively.

Prepared by GAMCOTRAP