#ShutItDownA14 Statement By Eve Ensler

Published: 14 April 2015

I am here today in outrage and sorrow. I am here to say no to the racist epidemic of police murders of black and brown women and men and children that continues despite massive protests and outcry. I am here to say we must escalate our efforts and our resistance to these gruesome shootings. I refuse the 8 bullets in Walter Scott’s back, the 12 bullets in Michael Brown’s chest, the four Taser shots that killed Natasha McKenna. I refuse the knee in the back that smashed Tanisha Anderson, the 2 bullets in Yvette Smith, the 23 bullets in Malissa Williams, the 2 bullets in 12 year old Tamir Rice’s chest, the bullets fired into Meagan Hockaday just 20 seconds after they arrived in her home. I refuse the bullets of a police state that continues to murder the oppressed rather than lifting their conditions. I call on every white person who has the privilege of walking the streets without fear of being snuffed out by those who brazenly exercise their license to kill, to walk out today and every day until our brothers and sisters are safe and free. I stand with a broken heart for the families, for the friends for the terrorized witnesses, for their sorrow and loss. We must reclaim our country from the endless tactics of hate, racism, stupidity, violence, revenge that perpetuate all aspects of our life. We must open our hearts and our minds and listen–to the men as well as the women–to those who suffer without resources, equality, liberty, hope or dreams.

We must #SayHerName, and #SayHisName, like a mantra, like a prayer, like an honoring, that the loss of their lives will fuel our fire.

May we melt our bullets to tears, our fear to love.

Kindness not killing.

Kindness not killing.

Kindness not killing.

ShutItDown NYC 3