My name is Danya Daccash, and I have been a sexual violence counsellor for 25 years.  I have worked in Canadian grassroots community organizations counselling targets of gender based violence, helping women heal from the devastating impact of abuse.  I have offered countless workshops and trainings on violence against women, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, and how to support survivors from a feminist perspective.

In 2013 when One Billion Rising began, I was not able to attend my local gathering due to disability.  I wanted very much to participate in this global event, so I decided to celebrate on my own.  In keeping with the feminist notion of “the personal is political”, I knew that there were many others around the world that, for a variety of reasons, also would not be able to attend a local gathering.

So, in keeping with my community activism, I came up with this creative solution – to host an annual Virtual Event through my facebook page called ”Online Event: ONE BILLION RISING – Virtual RISE UP & DANCE FOR PEACE”.  We know that violence against women is a global human issue, present in every culture of the world.  This virtual option is available to everyone on the planet, regardless of where they reside.  Now, through the online community, we can all be part of the *Web* of Energy for the Global Dance for Peace for Women!  We can RISE UP & DANCE in “virtual” solidarity with all the events across the planet. Let us join in and be counted as One Billion Rise in this worldwide REVOLUTION!

So far, about 1000 people around the world have participated in this online event.   If you would like to participate in this year’s 3rd annual Virtual Event on February 14, 2015, sign up here: Online Event: ONE BILLION RISING REVOLUTION – Virtual RISE UP & DANCE FOR PEACE

Together we are creating a global community that teaches our boys & men to respect women & girls and to speak out against “rape culture”, a culture that condones gender based violence, blames victims and defends abusers.  We are creating a society that values compassion and prioritizes support for targets of sexual violence. This year we are rising for Revolution.

#1BillionRising #Rise4Revolution

I invite each of us to think about 1 thing we can do this coming year toward ending gender violence, and helping bring peace and safety for women and girls. (eg. speak out against sexism or sexual violence, support a survivor, volunteer at a crisis center, post about this issue on your facebook page, talk to friends and family about these issues, be a role model for your kids, write a letter asking for harsher sentences for rapists, heal your own trauma…).

In Solidarity,

Danya Daccash, MSW, RSW

Direct Link to Virtual Event: