After One Billion Rising for Justice events in Tacloban City last March 1   one of the worst hit cities from the storm- where survivors of the storm Haiyan/ Yolanda, led by the People Surge alliance danced to demand justice for President Aquino’s criminal neglect of the people affected by the storm – and after OBR for Justice Kidapawan City last March 4, where the city rose for the rights of women vendors who are being displaced, bullied and threatened by an oppressive local mayor – the Philippine Risings continue today with OBR for Justice at Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac.
Hacienda Luisita is a vast piece of land owned by the family of Philippine President Aquino – whose long suffering farmers have been denied justice over the years – to right to the land. Massacres and conflicts have taken place here in the past as farmers have fought for their constitutional rights in terms of land reform – and where today, they are still being displaced, bullied, harassed and physically threatened by the police and the military as they continue to assert their rights. Today, March 6 – will see the official launch of the women farmers collective, and Hacienda Luisita farmers will hold an indignant dance and rise protest for genuine land reform and for justice!
The Philippine Risings for Justice continues on Friday, March 7 –  with a huge OBR event in Santa Rosa Laguna where the whole town will be dancing for justice. On Saturday, March 8 – International Women’s Day – will see huge mass protest rallies all around the country led by Gabriela, as Filipina women continue to dance and rise and demand accountability from the Aquino government for its neglect of grassroots Filipina women. The huge Manila action will begin at 11am with a Women’s Black Saturday protest for the victims of the storm, followed at 2pm with a program at Liwasang Bonifacio, a 3:30 OBR dance/ song/ march to Mendiola, culminating with a 5pm program at Mendiola Bridge – near the Presidential Palace.
OBR Hacienda Luisita
OBR for Justice Kidapawan with vendors
OBR for Justice Tacloban City Philippines
Children in Tacloban City Philippines