In preparation for February 14th and V-Day’s One Billion Rising campaign the girls of Siloe are sharing their artwork and words and RISING for JUSTICE. V-DAY is calling on people globally to harness their power and imagination to dance and #rise4justice.

The Center for the Arts supports the efforts of V-Day whole heartedly and applauds their tremendous accomplishments to bring attention to violence against women and girls worldwide. We hope our small acts in Siloe contribute to this incredible call to action!

INCREDIBLE VOICES FROM SILOE: “I was among the fighters…” Empowered and Strong!

“BY TALKING WE SHOW MEN OUR IMPORTANCE IN THEIR LIFE. It’s because of women that they are alive. We take care of them when they were children so if they love their Moms and won’t accept anything bad happening to them they should do the same for other women. So, to remind them and sensitize them we need to speak out. I had a great experience at the One Billion Rising launch. I liked the women’s dance and learned things about sexuality that I didn’t know. Eve is a model; a mother for the women. Girls in Haiti don’t have the chance to learn those kind of things from their parents because sexuality is a taboo.”
-Sophia, age 16

“The importance of speaking out about violence against women and girls is because we want people to understand how we feel; how this can have an impact on us. We want them to know our value in society. It is a way to say ‘stop’ to the negative things that men are doing against women and girls. It was a great experience for me to go to the Garden Studio for the One Billion Rising launch because I was among the fighters against violence and I heard a lot of speeches which gave me strength. I learned things I did not know, how dance can help someone in life; it’s like therapy. That impressed me. I think Eve is a fighter, a woman with a lot of courage. The work she is doing is tremendous. It’s not everyone who can do what she is doing. She is not scared. I really liked the girls performance. What I learned from that is courage and that you can get away from fear by dancing.”
– Wevly, age 16

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