Nepal, Credit: Rita Thapa (OBR Nepal Coordinator)

Please heavily document your event. We’re especially interested in Photos, Videos & Online/Zoom recordings.

Over the past years, on or around 14 February, thousands of Risings took place around the world, in hundreds of cities, in virtually every country on earth. We have made history.

In 2023, we RISE for FREEDOM and we want the world to witness every sight and sound of this extraordinary global action. HERE’S HOW!

Document and share everything you do for One Billion Rising: Rise for Freedom. Share your photos, video and audio updates with the global audience!

For your RISING event(s), please share your photos, video and audio updates with the global audience so they can experience it as it happens – or as close to it! Before and during the events, utilize social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Tell the story of what’s happening using these channels. Be sure to tag us and use the official hashtags #1BillionRising #RiseForFreedom and #RiseInSolidarity to include your posts on our digital hub at and across our social channels for the world to see. The more we share, we spread the word and trend on social media platforms around the world, reaching even more people.

After your event, you can upload high quality images and videos directly to our 2023 dropbox folder or in the form below


Tag us or post directly to our accounts:

Twitter: @vday
Instagram: @one_billion_rising, @vdayorg

NOTE: If you want to share your posts with the global audience, please be sure to make your Facebook and Instagram posts public.

Don’t forget to go to the Logos &Graphics page!

Hong Kong


Many of you are hosting your events online via Zoom. Please be sure to record your event and then upload it to our 2023 OBR Dropbox.


Please film your event using the highest resolution files available. Make sure you’re also keeping full-resolution versions of what you share – we’ll want to gather it after your event HERE.

Note – you will need to post a Public Filming Notice at your venue, and if you interview people about the rising, it would be wonderful if you can have them sign release forms so that we can use the footage for V-Day’s uses on our website, or film, etc.

Create a Snapchat geo-filter for your event:

Although Snapchat doesn’t offer global geo-filters, you can create custom on-demand local geo-filters for your events as low as $5/day at

You can create your custom design after logging in, and get a price quote depending on your time range and location area.

Helpful documentation:

Streaming your event LIVE:

In the last few years, streaming technology and the general public’s comfort with it has come a long way, making them much more accessible. Using the apps and platforms below you can now stream your event directly from your phone, tablet or computer. Capture the flashmob, an art piece, activists sharing why they RISE or the whole event live from your phone.

So if you want to broadcast the revolution in real time, here are some options:


These free and easy options have been used to broadcast intimate interviews to huge mobilizations. You can play the video directly into your community Facebook page or Twitter and Instagram account feeds. All you need is a dedicated person with a fully charged phone or tablet (and backup batteries). Additionally, a phone/tablet tripod or stick can be extremely useful to maintain a stable shot, especially for outdoor or long events.

IMPORTANT: Before broadcasting, make sure to change your Audience to “Public” so people outside of your network can view and share it.

How to start a live video on Facebook:

How to start a live video on Twitter:

How to start a live video on Instagram:

If you have any questions, email film(at)



We will need the highest resolution files available. Please follow these two simple steps:

  1. Go to or Google Drive. If you are new to Dropbox, please create a free account & use the helpful Get Started page to guide you through the uploading and sharing process.
  2. After uploading your file, choose the option to get/share link, and make sure that the link option is viewable to “anyone with the link”, and paste it in the form below

OR if you don’t have an account or enough space: You can now easily upload all your files to our 2023 OBR folder here. Just make sure to label your files with the event, location, and credit information, and you can fill out the form below to add additional details about your event and the files.

In your shareable folder, PLEASE INCLUDE:

  • High Resolution Media
  • Scanned signed release forms for any people interviewed in your footage

PLEASE label your folder to include information about Country, City, Event Name, and Videographer’s or Photographer’s Name.

For example: USA_SanFrancisco_CityHall_JasmynJakarta

Of course, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems.

SHARE Your #RiseInSolidarity Footage & Photos With Us!

  • [Please note that high res footage via dropbox is preferred, however if you have already uploaded your footage to YouTube or Vimeo and are not able to send us a Dropbox link, you may also paste the URL for your video in this form]
  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.