Last month, the Simeen mobile health team visited the Herat and Farah provinces in Western Afghanistan, which are considered some of the most remote and war-torn districts bordering Iran. The team explained that “the women and children of these regions carry the heavy burden of war, poverty, illiteracy and ignorance.” Due to the lack of  water, these potentially healthy agricultural lands have become barren deserts, forcing the majority of the men from these provinces to migrate over the border to Iran to work and earn a living for their families.

With very few healthcare centers within range, health issues among the families are rife. Adult patients complained of seasonal diseases, improper diet, malnourishment, improper hygiene and generally bad living conditions. Children suffered more from malnutrition and poor physical development. While the Simeen mobile health team was able to aid many families, with focus on the women and children, the need for support is still urgent.

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