Artist Solidarity Fund
25 May is our Founder V’s (formerly Eve Ensler) birthday. This birthday please support the NEW Artist Solidarity Fund for individual artists who are courageously rising with their plays, poems, paintings, novels, music in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, fascism, oppression and occupation and violence in places like Palestine and Myanmar where they are most needed. We need their voices now more than ever. We need their energy, inspiration, vision and magic. And they need our support more than ever so that we have ways of making meaning out of the chaos and struggle that defines these days.


Donate for V's Birthday

Your donation will provide much needed assistance and hope for artivists in these uncertain times.

Happy Birthday V!

With Love & Solidarity,
Susan, Christine, Monique, Purva, Tony, Aja, Roslyn, Leila, Swetha