OBR CAMBODIA 2021 Youth Camp

Published: 4 February 2021

Shared by Chandy Eng (OBR Cambodia coordinator)

OBR Cambodia at a One Billion Rising youth camp last month:
Text in photo says: “Together for women empowerment: One Billion Rising!”

OBR Cambodia is Rising in 2021 with so many creative and youth rising actions!

Photo Challenge 

Each participant will participate in a photo challenge till Feb 15th, 202. The challenge is about posting a pic of a woman or girl whom participants admire because of their sacrifice to daily lives. It can be women or girls in any sector or field of work starting from housework till doing outside work. So it’s time to give them value/credit and they need to be protected. With the hashtag #OBRCambodia2021 #RisingGardens #OBRPhtoChallenge and mention OBR and GADC FB page

Painting Competition 

Painting competition will be held on the theme of “Free from Violence” «រួចផុតពីអំើហិង».

The application will be open for everyone to apply not only to professional painters. The application will have a space for applicants to attach a pic of their drawing as well as explain what the meaning behind the drawing is.

Youth Debate 

There will be two youths discussing a topic from a moderator. The video shall not be over 15 minutes.


Theme: “Dare To Speak”
Target province: Kompong Speu 

(Kirirom Mountain)
Target delegates: 40 youths Arrival Day 

  1. Orientation participants about OBR and the camping site

  2. All the participants will visit a village there and sharing information about OBR and inform villagers that we are going to have a couple run on Feb 28th, 2021 morning to spread love and awareness for OBR this year beforehand and invite them join with us 
  1. Photo Challenge: During informing the villagers there, each participant need to participate in a challenge by asking to take a photo with a/ group of villager (can be a couple) and post it on their social media with a caption and hashtag #OBRCambodia2021 #RisingGardens #OBRCamping #Dare2speak Mention OBR and GADC FB page 
  1. Opening Ceremony

  2. Dancing to OBR song
    – Committee Team will lead a dancing to OBR song last year, Break the chain (Khmer version)
  1. Q&A questions
    – free discussion & sharing by rotating, a moderator will ask questions)

Feb 28th, 2021

  1. Couple run
    – From 6 am, running in setting point in a village to spread love and awareness about the campaign, give away the message billboard or IEC material (wrist band)
  2. Winner of photo challenge announcement